Men do a lot of things these days.  Way more than we used to.  Long gone are the times where you worked nine-to-five, came home to the smell of pot roast in the oven, and fell asleep on the recliner watching baseball while the kids do homework. I bet your wife doesn’t even make you breakfast.

You know what?  That’s okay.  We’re men; we can make our own bowl of cheerios in the morning.  With a little practice, we could probably pull off some decent eggs.

Not just any kind of men.  We’re the best kind of men: dads.  We work hard, as lawyers and builders, doctors and engineers, salesmen and programmers, and a thousand other things.  And when we get home, we can fix the leaky faucet and dinner.  We can post to Twitter and the shopping list.  We can wrestle with the kids and their homework.  We can work out in the gym and work in the yard.  We can get the bedsheets dirty and wash them, too.

To be a dad is to be on a lifelong adventure.  It’s fun and hard and rewarding and costly all at the same time, and though you may often get lost, you can never go back.  

So whether you are a dad or are married to one or simply have one, join me and your fellow travelers as we explore the many domains of fatherhood, sharing our stories and experiences and advice and laughs along the way.

This newsletter is for you, because though we all come from different places, have different jobs, and play different roles, at the end of the day we’re all just dads...mostly.

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I'm a software engineer, a science fiction author, a technology lover, a fitness fanatic, and the main cook (not to mention cleaner) in the family, but all that's in service of my main job: being a dad to my two kids and a husband to my wife.